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I began teaching small groups from the community after I finished grad school as a result of the prompting from a group of women who were looking for a painting class. It fit well with me and I knew teaching this way was something I wanted to pursue. In 2000, I moved classes out of my home studio to the commercial space, the Studio dei Leoni where I was able to teach larger groups. The business blossomed with new students as well as some of my original ones from the home studio classes.

My teaching philosophy is the utmost emphasis given to teaching the basics but, at the same time, allowing students to find their own voice. It is so gratifying to see a room full of painters with their own way of doing things but also thriving on the energy of the group. I do not teach students to paint like I do but instead try to pull from them a unique expression that is their own. A student starts with a consultation as to what they are interested in and we build on that to develop their own path.

Beginner/Intermediate Art Classes:

These classes are designed for the student who is just starting out and those who have some experience but who need help with general information during the course of making their paintings. We have personal consultations as to the best avenue for development of their work. These classes are 3 hours long and each student works on their own ideas and receive help when they ask for it during class. If a student feels that they would like to move into an advanced class, they are given priority status when a spot becomes available.

Advanced Art Classes:

These classes are for the more self sufficient painter who would like feedback about their work but who is able to establish and develop their own ideas. These classes are 4 hours long and consist of a 30 minute period at the beginning in which I talk briefly to everyone followed by a quiet painting period. After one and a half hours there is a group critique followed by another quiet painting period. The critiques are designed to discuss each students work individually and to also discuss art ideas in general.


These are classes that are usually held for 1/2 day for one or two weeks. In the workshops, everyone works on the same project (ex. landscape, figure, abstraction) and the focus is solely on that subject. These are usually offered one – three times a year and are available to everyone on my mailing list regardless of whether they are signed up in regular classes. Registration is given on a firstcome-first-served basis.



In the year 2000 I moved classes taught in my home studio to the present location at 2031 Perkins Road. I named it the Studio dei Leoni after the symbolic lions of Venice and also after Peggy Guggenheim’s palazzo on the Grand Canal. Both the city of Venice and Peggy Guggenheim’s collection and gardens have been importantly inspirational to me.

The classes are taught in groups but each student works on his or her individual projects. All the basics found in a university curriculum are infused in the teaching while, at the same time, each student’s personal “voice” is developed. It is most important to me that the painters in the studio have the tools needed to be knowledgeable about painting and also that they are able to find their own unique expression in the work.

There are beginning/intermediate classes and advanced classes. In addition, workshops are offered emphasizing a particular subject taught by both me and guest instructors.